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Really Look January 13, 2009

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When I preparing for the birth of my first child, I remember reading about having a “Focal Point” — the suggestion was to bring a picture or vase of flowers, something inspirational to focus on as a pain-coping technique.

I’m sure it would have worked wonderfully if my eyes were open. 😉 As it was, it turned out I coped best by ignoring everyone and everything in the room.

I have, however, found that having a focal point is a wonderful coping technique for THOSE days…you know, the days when it’s 9:30am and you’ve already had two toddlers in a half-hour meltdown each, couldn’t find your keys, had to scrounge up a lunch for your school-age child because you don’t want to take aforementioned toddlers grocery shopping, and subsequently skipped your own breakfast. You then caved to temptation, went through the drivethru for coffee and a muffin, and had one of the toddlers start puking while you ordered.

Yeah, THOSE days.

The days when you wonder how on earth mothers have survived for so many years. How your own mother survived. And why aren’t we paid more?

What I’m learning is that on days when it’s all falling apart around me, and it seems chaos might just win for the day — it helps to have a focal point. Something beautiful, simple, fresh — something that reminds me I am capable. I am skilled. I can and will survive this.

Sometimes it’s a recently completed knitting project. Other times, a really great picture one of my kids drew. Or, it can be as simple as this — freshly baked bread on an old vintage plate, the softly golden crust of the bread set off by the old blue-and-white of the plate. The textured crust against the smooth, aged finish.

Inspiring, in a very simple and tangible way…nice, isn’t it? Enjoy. I’m going to go clean puke off the carseat. And maybe ask for a raise.

Editing to add the link for Amish White Bread — it’s a moist, sweet bread. I made one loaf and did an 8×8 pan of rolls instead of a second loaf. Kids loved it.


4 Responses to “Really Look”

  1. DCLulu Says:

    A really nice posting. As a mother of a toddler (just one!) there are times when I think, “I’m not going to survive this.” (The repeated vomits in the car, husband throwing his back out on weekend when I REALLY needed a break, multiple night wakings every darn night for 17 months, etc.) I usually try to remind myself that, like everything else, it will end. But I like the idea of having a focal point. I’ll have to try that!

    Did you bake the bread?

    • bethanyjoy Says:

      Toddlerhood is the parenting equivalent to being a solider in the trenches, I think. I’m grateful to have a 6yo and 4yo as well, simply because I can look at them and remind myself that the “two’s” don’t last forever! 🙂

      I did bake the bread, from a wonderful recipe for Amish White Bread — I’ll add the link to the post, thanks for reminding me!

  2. marthastewart2001 Says:

    That bread looks delicious! Thanks for the link!

  3. […] baked bread yesterday, it turned out really well. I used the recipe my friend Bethany posted on her blog. Really yummy, escept that I cut the sugar in half, I just didn’t want it […]

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