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Family Fun Night (or, the power of a name) January 16, 2009

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If you ask my six or four year old what Friday means, they’ll start bouncing and tell you it’s “FAMILY FUN NIGHT!!”

Their level of enthusiasm would lead you to think something great, huge, and exciting is happening. Clowns? A parade? New toys? Unlimited chocolate? No…none of that. Nothing huge at all.

It’s a tradition we started about six months ago, rather spontaneously. The kids were bored, I was on edge after a week of my husband working overtime. As I was bombarded with another round of “What can we DOOOO? I’m boooooored”, I was struck with random mombrilliance.

“How about we have a family fun night?” I suggested, patting myself on the back. The kids latched onto the idea with vigor. We quickly made a plan — pizza picnic, and a family movie — and that was it. A few days later Joey asked me when Family Fun Night would come again…and we’ve been celebrating them on every Friday since.

It’s one night out of seven when bedtime isn’t strictly observed. When the dishes are rinsed and left to be dealt with the next day. When Mom and Dad can put aside the Enforcer hats (at least for a few minutes) and we all revel in the glory of a night off. When we can all let our hair down, let the laughter loose, and just relax.

I stand corrected.

Something huge IS happening. We gave it a name, we made it habit, and it’s one of the little threads that weaves us all together. It makes family the important thing, the highlight of the week, the thing to look forward to — and that’s huge. Enormous, even.

Happy weekend!


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