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Gully Green February 8, 2009

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Well, I’ve done it. Swallowed a million and one excuses, and am listing a pattern…for sale. (Gasp. Shock.) I’ve been procrastinating a long time, but in the past week had no fewer than three people tell me to just DO IT, so I’m going for it.

Ahh…life on the edge. 🙂

I’m calling it “Gully Green”. The idea was originally born during my post about upcycling holiday wrapping — I initially planned on knitting a plain-jane bag. But then I got to thinking…why not combine the sturdiness of crochet with the loveliness of knitted lace? Why not make a pretty marketbag, that could be used as gift wrap?

That got the wheels spinning. Then I started thinking of all the different variations — maybe a small one, made in mercerized crochet thread, to hold little trinkets. Perhaps a tall skinny version in wool as a wine cozy…perhaps…well, you get the idea.

The pattern is tested and ready, and I’m looking forward to seeing what people do with it.

Happy hooking and knitting!

(And now I’m going to go breathe. My heart is pounding and hands are shaky…who’d have thought this would be such a rush?)


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