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How I Stay Sane… April 11, 2009

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…at home with four kids, ages 6 and under. Because everybody I run into asks me how I do it. (Not sure if that is really a good thing or not…hmm)

  • Knit – because when the house is in shambles and I’m stressed, all I have to do to feel in control and capable of creating beauty, is pick up the sticks and string. If I focus hard enough on the yarn, the toys on the floor aren’t as visible.
  • Listen – my Ipod coupled with Librivox is my best friend. I spend an average of 1.5 hours a day washing dishes; this doesn’t include time spend baking, cooking, doing laundry or any other household task that involves repetitive, somewhat boring activity. Using that time to listen to all the books I don’t have time to read makes it more fun and less drudgery.
  • Read – escapist literature exists for a reason. While I prefer to fill my ears with classics, when I can eke out a few minutes to read, I generally turn to fluff. Nora Roberts, the Twilight books…you get the drift. It’s sort of like sneaking candy, but without the calories. And when you’ve spent the morning doing laundry and changing diapers, a little escapism can be a fabulous mood booster.
  • Create – without the ability to create, I would be insane. Creativity is what transforms the simple, sometimes mundane tasks of living into a chance to utilize your mind, intuition and sensibilities. Exercised regularly, it grows stronger and keeps you centered and in touch with who you really are and what you really love.
  • Limit – if the chores aren’t done by the time the kids are in bed, they can wait until tomorrow. A little “me” time, followed by some couple time, is a far more worthy use of those precious two or three hours at the end of a day.
  • Caffeinate – D’oh.

One Response to “How I Stay Sane…”

  1. I can relate to so much of this! Never really appreciated “books on tape” until after O was born… and I also love knitting. It’s my daily meditation. 🙂

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