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Audiobook Review: “Acheron” by Sherrilyn Kenyon July 12, 2010

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Why I Chose It: Three things prompted me to use one of my Audible Credits for the month on Acheron – first, it’s read by Holter Graham, my all-time favorite narrator. His voice is simply delicious on the ears, and his gift for giving each character a unique voice makes me feel as if I’m listening to a full-cast production. Second, the audiobook clocks in at 23 hrs and 39 minutes, a great time-value for a single credit. Finally, I’d just finished listening to Infinity: The Chronicles of Nick (review to come) and was curious about Acheron’s character.

What I Liked: Holter Graham’s narration didn’t disappoint – character voices were clearly defined, and stayed consistent even when the POV character changed. As for the story itself, the first half of the book is excruciating, heart-rending, keep-a-kleenex-handy sad…I honestly teared up a couple times, and that’s not normal for me. It was a relief to finally reach the romance portion of the story, which developed very nicely. I had a bit of anxiety that it was going to end up hanging on a lame miscommunication conflict to keep them apart, but NO! – our Hero and Heroine actually talk like adults, face down major obstacles, and fight side-by-side to a satisfying conclusion.

On a side note, I usually get twitchy if I try and read a series out of order, but Acheron was strong enough to stand on it’s own. Even though I sometimes had the feeling that the secondary characters interacting with Acheron probably would matter more if I knew *their* story, I never had the sense of being the only one left out of an inside joke.

What I Didn’t: Truthfully, this is a bit of a back-handed compliment – I absolutely despised Artemis. Every time her character appeared, I experienced a spine-shivering revulsion. She’s shallow, stupid, and selfish. This suits her role, but did nearly cause some damage to my earbuds…it was hard to resist the urge to bang my head on the table at moments. So, kudos to Kenyon for crafting a despicable villain…I just wished I’d been able to love hating her. My other frustration was that, since we only meet our heroine at the half-way point of the book, and her story is MUCH less developed than Acheron’s, her character lacked the impact of his. She was likeable, for sure, but even at the end of the book felt almost like a stranger compared to the depth that we know Acheron.

Would I Listen Again? Yes. Lots of action, fun romance, GREAT narration.


One Response to “Audiobook Review: “Acheron” by Sherrilyn Kenyon”

  1. Shaine Says:

    I just read it this weekend. I liked it for the most part though his early story was so heartbreaking and I hate Artemis. I am reading them all in order this month.

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