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Hyperactive Lace July 20, 2010

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When I saw Summer Flies on Ravelry, I had to knit it. After months of no knitting mojo, I was suddenly digging through the boxes where I’d packed my needles and yarn in preparation for our upcoming move, determined to cast on right.this.minute…

…which explains the lack of color planning. The multicolored yarn was a bargain-bin steal, a lovely cotton, but the yardage ran short…I ended up running out right before the shawl edging. I opted to work the edging in the teal, and it’s alright…but rather more frou-frou than my style.

Actually, while modeling the shawl in front of the mirror, I broke into a spontaneous rendition of the Mexican Hat Dance. It’s a bit over the top…lots of color, lots of pattern. Oh, well, it was a LOT of fun to knit. I’ll be keeping my eyes out for a nice gray yarn to make a solid color version with – maybe I’d actually wear it then! The pattern itself has lots of variety, but still is simple enough to be a fun knit (vs. a pulling-out-hair-can’t-listen-to-audiobook-while-knitting-knit) – I highly recommend it! It’s quick, too – mine was done in four days. Including blocking. Sweeeeet!


One Response to “Hyperactive Lace”

  1. Shaine Says:

    I think it looks wonderful!

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