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Idea File: Harry Potter Kid’s Room July 28, 2010

So, J and B are actually in agreement about this, and I have to admit I’m totally on board. We’ve been having a blast reading the books together, and they’re young enough that I think this is something they will continue to love for years…unlike, say, Thomas the Tank Engine, who has a decidedly limited timeframe of coolness.

The challenge? It’s a rental! That means all the changes need to be temporary/easily reversible. Plus I’m not big on theme decor anyway – it usually dates a room and/or makes it feel like a stage, not a room for relaxing and playing and sleeping. So, with that in mind, I’m looking to bring in just a few iconic HP elements. Not pictures of the movie, or bedding plastered with Harry, Ron and Hermoine…just a few simple, strong elements to add a bit of magic.

I love the idea of starting with the door to the room – perhaps a Platform 9 3/4 sign?

And I’m thinking a Nimbus 2000 would be an excellent window treatment…we’d be DIYing, so perhaps paper mache?

I’m undecided whether we will add panel curtains and use the broomstick as a curtain rod, or perhaps put in a simple blackout shade and let the Nimbus stand as the focal point.

And I’m wondering if there’ s a way to dress up their bunkbeds a little to give more of a four-poster effect like the Gryffindor dormitory.

The bunkbeds we have are dark wood with a very solid/chunky frame…I initially wondered about just suspending some fabric panels from the ceiling (little cuphooks, perhaps) – and then remembered that this is a room for two boys, ages eight and six!


Nothing suspended, unless we’re going for more of a Tarzan theme. 😉 I’ll keep pondering this…

…and that’s as much as I dreamed up so far! Any other ideas?


5 Responses to “Idea File: Harry Potter Kid’s Room”

  1. Brilliant. I am going to ask Michelle if we can do our bedroom in a Matrix theme. 🙂

  2. This will be so cool, I love the idea of using the broom as a curtain rod!

  3. Your comment “add a bit of magic” really resonated with me. I think kids rooms should always have a bit of magic; whether it’s wizard related or not. lol

    Have you seen the reading nook in The Lettered Cottage? They used a branch as a curtain rod:

  4. Andrea Says:

    Tinker toys make fabulous magic wands! Maybe a giant spider (aergon? I think was the name) picked up at after halloween clearance? I have two Bertie Bott’s bags if you want them 🙂 I am sure it would be fab! I want to sleep there!

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