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Moving! August 4, 2010

Filed under: Blahging — bethanyjoy @ 9:25 am

This Saturday is the big day…but we’ve had the keys since August 1st, so we’ve been spending all our free time over at the new place scrubbing, cleaning, scrubbing and cleaning, and a little scrubbing too. Did I mention cleaning? 😉

My wonderful Mom and my soon-to-be-sister-in-law came over yesterday, and we managed to get all the cleaning done…and my littlest sister helped too, including playing with the monkeys (who got tired of watching Mom clean after about the first five minutes)…possibly the most important job of all. 🙂

I have a short shift at work today, then it’s crunch time at the old place, packing up as much of what’s left as possible…this move is a fun one for us, but I am still MORE than ready to have my home be a haven again. As my brother said yesterday, it looks like I’m living in a city built of boxes. 😉

I’m craving a little peace, a little order, and a big dose of pretty.



One Response to “Moving!”

  1. After living in a bedroom that doubles as a construction zone for several months, I just wanted to say hi much I resonate with the desire for tranquilty and beauty!

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