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…what would Ma do?

Ten Things I Smiled About Today August 17, 2010

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1. Sand between my toes

2. A frosty cold root beer and vanilla ice cream float – with a bendy straw, of course

3. One room free of boxes!

4. Printing and hanging a bunch of new pictures…I have the world’s cutest kids. Sorry, but I do! 😉

5. The fact that we NEVER remember to put the kids in swimsuits before walking down to the beach in the evening. Seriously, you’d think we’d learn…kids + water = an irresistible attraction. A force of nature that cannot and will not be held back. There is just no such thing as a “walk at the beach” that does not involve getting wet…nor should there be.

6. A vase of sunflowers on the table

7. “Perfect” by Hedley…anybody who’s been in a relationship long enough to ride out some ups and downs, you know how amazingly true this song is.

8. Finally having room to set up “mom’s headquarters” (pics and a post coming soon)

9. My husband. He makes me smile every day, laugh out loud just as often, and the most annoying wonderful part of it is, he can make me laugh when I’m mad. So I don’t stay mad often. 🙂

10. Waves, water, sunshine…realizing yet again how incredibly blessed I am to live in a place that feeds my soul.


One Response to “Ten Things I Smiled About Today”

  1. reelingintheyears Says:

    Love your top ten!

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