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Choosing Happiness August 28, 2010

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4:30 am,

the alarm pulls me out of dreams too short

eyes gritty

i put on my face and go to face the world


sparkle, swinging from my ears, a little of me

a reminder

i am more than “can i help you”

more than

making, pouring, cleaning, taking

orders and

giving smiles to people who don’t see the face

beyond the

“have a great day”

there is

so much i could moan and sigh and gripe about

so much

else that i would rather be doing

rather be

feeling, sharing, creating, embracing

but i

choose to be like the sun that i watch rising

as i

go to work, a simple job in a simple town

giving light

and warmth, a friendly word, adding a little extra

to the

mug of the man who i saw checking pop machines for change

so he

could buy his morning coffee and feel like he matters

to somebody

because at the end of the day, i believe he does

and i

am reminded how blessed i am to have this simple job

to live

in this beautiful place with my healthy, whole family

even at

4:30 am, when the alarm drags me out of bed.


2 Responses to “Choosing Happiness”

  1. amkuska Says:

    Thank you, for touching my heart. I hope you know you matter to people. Even those who don’t know you.

  2. Bethany Ann Says:

    love it. your smile does sparkle at that place, you know.

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