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Pocket Hugs September 15, 2010

It has been a busy couple weeks. Joey and Bry are back in the swing of school – Grade 3 and 1, how did that happen already?! And I’m cramming to try and finish up the online course I’m taking…I’d rather be blogging, but there’s only so many hours. Just wanted to share a little something that we’re finding helpful this year, in dealing with some separationa anxiety issues.

Theirs, not mine. But I will probably be a wee bit of a basketcase when C&E start classes tomorrow…

Anyway; enough with the blahging. Here’s a nifty little pattern for crocheted hearts; it’s quick, easy, and you can whip up a pile of them in an evening. I highly recommend stockpiling them, as they have a tendency to disappear in the washing machine.

To use, make a big show of “charging” the heart full of hugs and kisses, then tuck it in your child’s pocket as part of your heading-to-school routine. Anytime they’re feeling sad or worried, they can hold the heart and get a hug.

Simple, but they love it!

(Thanks to Meleesa for the suggestion of a heart when I deliberating over what to make!)


2 Responses to “Pocket Hugs”

  1. Michelle Says:

    You are such a good Mommy! =) You inspire me (even though I don’t have any of my own yet!) =) Glad to have you as a sister and an incredible Mommy resource for some day =)

    • bethanyjoy Says:

      Aw, thanks! When you’re in the midst of parenting, most days you’re just keenly aware of how little you know, and how there’s no way to know for sure if what you’re doing for or with your kids today will help them or mess them up in the long run. Just a lot of trusting your instincts, and doing your best…

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