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Thankful October 11, 2010

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It feels like I’m breaking through the surface of a suffocating pool of stress, taking my first deep breath in weeks as I rub the weariness from my eyes and glance around, relieved to find that though life has gone on without me, I still know where I belong.

It’s an amazing feeling, and I am thankful – to every stretched out and weary part of my soul – for choice.

I am thankful that while we cannot control what life throws at us, we can control our response to it.

It sounds simplistic. Perhaps it is. But it is the farthest thing from simple. If you’ve ever worked at a job you dislike, been told you are sicker than you realize, or built a relationship that lasts longer than a matter of weeks, you probably know what I mean.

It is always the seemingly small, personal choices of attitude – of choosing our response to what is happening to and around us – that are the hardest fought for and least applauded, yet they are the choices that have the greatest impact on our life. Our every-day, nitty-gritty, real life – the one we’re in right now, not the one that always seems to be just around the corner, “Someday….”

So today I am thankful for choice. That no matter how stressful things get, I can choose my response. I can choose to cope. And even better, I can choose to change the little things so that when the big ones come – and they will – I will have some strength left to deal with them.

Happy Thanksgiving!

– Bethany


One Response to “Thankful”

  1. Kent Shelley Says:

    Choice. Power and freedom. Go Girl Go.

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