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Nanowrimo Diary, Day 2 November 2, 2010

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Literary abandon. Isn’t that a delicious concept? It’s the premise behind NANOWRIMO and what it translates to is a dizzying whirl of typing fingers, bleary eyes, sleepless nights and, if you’re a mother, lots of crockpot dinners.

This is my second year of participation, and I’m pleased with my progress so far. My total word count, as of Day 2, is 9,274 words. That translates to 3.5 chapters, or 7 scenes, in this particular novel.

I’m a little nervous about how well the writing is progressing. It’s going too smoothly. Which probably means my computer will crash and I’ll lose my manuscript. Or the cat will eat my power cord. Or we’ll all get the flu like we did LAST November; yeah, those were good times.

It couldn’t possibly be that the three months I spent researching, developing and outlining could be paying off. Or that I’ve been writing regularly throughout the past year, compared to jumping into the previous NANOWRIMO with rusty story muscles.

Couldn’t be; that’d be too easy…no, I’m sure that in a day or two I’ll plow headfirst into the concrete wall known as “writer’s block”, and then I’ll be here moaning about characters who don’t cooperate and plotlines that unexpectedly fizzle.

But in the meantime, I’ll be giving myself over to the process. Literary abandon. It’s what happens when you stop arguing and let your imagination speak. And it’s a beautiful thing.

P.S. Here’s a less beautiful thing – my fake “cover” for my novel. It’s rather lame. Graphic artist I am NOT. But it made me grin, so I’ll share…


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