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In Which I Pretend To Be A Techie November 30, 2010

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I’ve been having fun with my early Christmas present – an iPhone4 – and have finally figured out a way to access my collection of ebooks that doesn’t involve the computer equivalent of brain surgery. No importing-exporting .xml library crazy talk. None of that. Zip. Zilch. Zero.

Oh, and it’s free. Because I’m cheap – er, thrifty – like that.

Here’s how:

  1. Do the Dropbox thing – it’s pretty straightforward. Get it active on your computer and download the Dropbox App to your iPhone.
  2. Download Calibre and during installation set the library location (the file where you save them on your computer) to be within Dropbox. [I’ve heard the public folder works best?] If you already have Calibre up and running on your computer, you can change the library location so it is within Dropbox.
  3. Convert your ebooks to .epub files. (If they’re .pdf’s, you can skip this step if you choose to buy the GoodReader app – try the reflow option, it makes reading pdf’s a bit more book-like.)
  4. Install the Stanza app on your iPhone. It’s free, and works way better than iBooks in my opinion – faster and more stable.
  5. Pour a coffee – you’re done. 🙂 To read your books, simply open the Dropbox app on your iPhone. Tap through to your library, tap on the book you want and download it. A little box-with-a-curvy-arrow icon appears in the bottom right corner of your screen; tap that and you’ll be given the option to export your file to Stanza. (Or GoodReader.) Do so.

Happy reading!


One Response to “In Which I Pretend To Be A Techie”

  1. D.M. Henry Says:

    All I heard was blah, blah blah, computer nonsense this, computer nonsense that. I have dropbox and I never bothered to figure out how to use it.

    You should try the Manuscript app. You will probably like it.

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