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Writing prompts, and a little story February 10, 2011

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I’m loving the Writing.Com “Writing Prompts” app for the iPhone. Shake your phone, and you get a nifty little nugget of an idea to run with. Set a timer for 10-15 minutes and just write with it; no censoring allowed – let your imagination run wild. It’s a great way to get the creative juices flowing before you turn your attention to whatever you need to be working on, and you never know, maybe you’ll end up with the start of something great to work on later. 🙂

Just for fun, I’ll share what I got today. It’s still pretty rough, but it’s always interesting to see what your subconscious can come up with in a few crazy minutes…

Prompt: You can see through your mirror to another dimension…

I thought it was steam clouding the mirror when I stepped dripping out of the shower. Maybe the fan was broken again; I’d have to call my landlord and try to get him to fix it. Like that was going to happen. Pulling on my robe, I reached for the hand towel that hung dangling from the wings of a pewter fairy. I’d picked the hook up at an estate sale weeks ago, amused by the way she looked over her shoulder, a flirtatious little smile lurking on her exquisitely carved face.

The worries of the day swirled in my mind, thoughts of bills and bosses and brutal reality, and that’s probably why I didn’t notice at first that the fog didn’t wipe clean. Instead, the mirror stayed gray and cloudy.

Puzzled, I dropped the towel in the sink and raised my palm to the mirror, expecting the wet, smooth feel of glass. Ripples rolled across the surface at my touch, and I jerked back in alarm. Then the clouds began to clear in slow, careful swipes, as if someone were wiping the glass from the other side. A heart-shaped face stared back at me, lips full and red, hair a shimmering silver with streaks of blue. Translucent wings flitted softly behind her, and the glass – or what had been glass – shimmered in time with those wings. She lifted her hand and spread her fingers across her side of the mirror as if trying to reach me. Her blue eyes shimmered with tears as her lips moved in words I couldn’t understand. I felt my hand rising to meet hers, and the mirror rippled between our hands, the swirls growing more and more intense.

I woke up cold and alone, a headache throbbing behind my eyes. Groggily I got up, staggering to my feet. All I saw in the mirror was my confused face, staring back at me. But when I tried to hang up the towel, the wings on the pewter fairy were drooping, and it fell to the ground.




4 Responses to “Writing prompts, and a little story”

  1. Irene Says:

    Oh, Bethany!!

    You are a fantastic writer!!! MORE MORE…..

  2. Ellen Read Says:

    This is excellent! I want to know what happens next! Wow! (this may be redundant as I tried to leave a message before, so you may end up with 2 positive comment from me if this space allows it!)

  3. Ellen Read Says:

    I really enjoyed your story and would LOVE to hear the rest of it! How does it end? You have a gift, my friend!

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