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Antidote March 23, 2011

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Knitting is the antidote to a world that is always changing and too often hostile.

It’s a simple act that provides you with multiple choices to which there are no wrong answers – wool or silk, cotton or linen, solid color or a variegated rainbow? The options are initially overwhelming, but you soon learn to revel in them, to embrace this opportunity to answer to only yourself.

Knitting also helps you understand that you have the power to effect change. Maybe the pattern you’re following has long sleeves but you want them to be three-quarter length, or perhaps you need a few extra inches of length in the body to avoid a chilly midriff. As you knit, you learn to analyze what you need and want, and develop strategies for tweaking and reworking a pattern until it’s exactly right for you.

Finally, knitting gives you control. When stock markets crash and your in-laws gripe and your children proudly reveal a permanently autographed sofa, you can pick up your knitting and wield utter and complete control over that one small part of your world.

Knitting reminds you of the power you have to make your own choices, work towards your goals, and take pleasure in the results, no matter what the world throws at you.


2 Responses to “Antidote”

  1. Ellen Read Says:

    For me knitting (I only do FLAT, straight pieces) and crocheting (I do a mean ripple pattern!) are great stress relievers (as you more eloquently said!). I feel tension ebbing away as I watch a pattern develop. Thanks for saying it better than I ever could!
    (I tend to work when we watch a movie so my hands are engaged—it also keeps restless leg syndrome away!)

    • bethanyjoy Says:

      I knit while I watch movies or TV, too. And while I read. And when I hit writer’s block. And when I’m riding in the car. Not while driving, though… 😉

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