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Wordplay April 3, 2011

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The woman stared at her computer.

The exhausted mother stared wearily at her computer screen.

The exhausted mother stared with dagger-like intensity at the glowing screen of her computer.


She tried to think of something to write about.

She struggled to find anything interesting to write.

She wrestled futilely with her muse, but inspiration hovered just beyond her grasp.


This, she thought, was the hardest part of writing.

Keeping things simple, she thought, was the part of writing she struggled with the most.

Propping her head on her hands, she stared at what she’d typed and realized – not for the first time – that finding the balance between adding enough detail to bring a piece to life but not so much as to suffocate it was really, freaking hard.


5 Responses to “Wordplay”

  1. Kent Shelley Says:

    Can identify 🙂

  2. Ellen Read Says:

    Your mama was a great teacher! You have a gift and it has been honed! Keep up the good work! Do you plan to write a book?

    • bethanyjoy Says:

      Thanks, Ellen! 🙂 I’ve written two novels which I hope will never be seen by eyes other than my own. I’m currently working on #3, which I have a smidgen more ambition for. But I’m only 20,003 words into a first draft, so there are many months of work still ahead, and I might yet change my mind. 🙂

  3. Ellen Read Says:

    May I encourage you not to give up and to continue to write? I would be happy to read anything you’ve written or will write! What a gift to know how to make words come alive!

  4. Ellen Read Says:

    By the way, have you heard of Ann Voskamp? She is a blogger who ended up writing a book that is now on the NY Times Bestselling list. She is a homeschooling mom of 6 who lives in the country and whose husband is a farmer in Ontario. Her website is and I think you’d like what she writes.

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