Little Home, Big World

…what would Ma do?

#1 – Go to an amusement park…DONE August 11, 2010

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If YOU are ever offered the opportunity by your loving, amazing, seriously stupendous husband to

a) reschedule your move a day earlier (which means working a 5:30-11am shift before schlepping boxes)


b) spend what would have been your original moving day at Canada’s Wonderland (with no kids!)


c) in the company of two brothers, a soon-to-be-official-sister-in-law, a cousin and his friend

…you should, absolutely, positively, without question


I tell you, there is nothing more therapeutic after weeks of moving chaos and new-job stress than spending nine hours being buffeted, flipped, whirled, tumbled and otherwise physically tortured in the name of fun. The adrenaline totally makes up for the lack of sleep and energy. *cough*

In retrospect, it would have been fun to actually buy one of the pictures of me screaming my head off on a rollercoaster…but I didn’t. So here’s my proof I was there – see the little person on top of the Behemoth? That’d be me, shattering eardrums of those around me. Whoever decided that the biggest rollercoaster evah (well, at least at Wonderland) only needed a lap restraint and no shoulder harness – INSANE!!!

(The only down side to the adventure was trying to take orders at work the next day with NO VOICE. Might have screamed a little too much…oh, and that standing in line with all the young’uns makes you feel a little bit…mature. Yeah. We’ll go with that. As does falling asleep in the car on the ride home. Shout-out here to my friend Susan, and her list of things that make her feel old! Too true…)

Here’s the rest of my 30 before 30 list…only 28 more to go!


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